CodeCheck’s approximately three million active users value sustainability and want to know exactly what is included in the products they choose. Their lifestyles are characterised by being environmentally conscious and healthy, for both themselves and the future of the earth. Oeeda’s monthly analysis of the products with the most activity shows the products that conscious consumers were looking for.

Sunscreen Month

July was dominated by sun cosmetics. As summer holidays approached, many conscious consumers looked for a sunscreen to protect their children. The “free from” claims, which indicate, for example, whether a product contains nanoparticles, parabens, silicones or preservatives, were particularly frequent. These claims are still at the top of the list of purchase incentives. lavera, the natural cosmetics brand, led the top 10 products with the most interactions, followed by Alverde and Jean&Len.

These are the ten products with the highest interaction in July:

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Methodology: All interactions triggered by CodeCheck users are measured. This includes scanning, searching, product page views, comments, voting and rating.