CodeCheck’s approximately three million active users value sustainability and want to know exactly what is included in the products they choose. Their lifestyles are characterised by being environmentally conscious and healthy, for both themselves and the future of the earth. CodeCheck’s monthly analysis of the products with the most activity shows the products that conscious consumers were looking for.

The coconut month

Coconut can work wonders in skincare. This has been an open secret for a while now. In September, conscious consumers often took this to heart and loved finding the ingredient in a variety of cosmetic products ranging from shampoos and shower gels to toothpaste. What does that tell us? Coconut is appreciated not only as a care substance but also as a taste and scent—A clear signal that cosmetics should appeal to the senses and not “merely” fulfill their purpose.

How long will coconut continue to be so popular? Will the late summer feeling last well until far into autumn? However, the seemingly universal ingredient is not always and in every form suitable for everyone. Coconut oil, for example, can have a comedogenic effect. It should, furthermore, be questioned how sustainable coconut products are regarding their route of transport as well as the conditions under which they are cultivated.

Among the top five products with the most user interactions, the Frosch brand took third place (after Alverde and CD). Frosch scored particularly well with conscious consumers because it appeared green and organic thanks to its wording, design, ingredients, and the ÖKO-TEST seal.


These are the five products with the highest number of interactions in September:

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Methodology: All interactions triggered by CodeCheck users are measured. This includes scanning, searching, product page views, comments, voting and rating.