Conscious consumers value natural, health-friendly ingredients that do not pollute the body and the environment. The potential customer wants to know the ingredients and requires transparency to make a purchase decision. This new development of customer needs is also reflected in the claims used, which are increasingly read on packaging. Free from palm oil, parabens, silicone or animal testing are just a few of the drivers that are important to the Clean Consumer. “Free from” claims are product attributes that can be the deciding factor for buying decisions at the point of sale. Oeeda has analysed the impact of these claims on product choices and satisfaction with some of the 3 million users of CodeCheck, the leading community for conscious consumers in the German-speaking world.

“Free from” Claims – Analysis of Customer Needs

Oeeda has analysed various popular claims of shampoos on their relevance to conscious consumers. Number 1 of the most popular product promises lands “Free from parabens”. The preservatives are suspected of being hormonally active and are still found in many products today. A well-known claim that remains important to consumers is “silicone-free” followed by “Free from animal testing”. A recent trend among product attributes is the lack of palm oil. Here it becomes obvious that the consumption habits are very much in line with the media coverage and the expectations on companies and their products are characterised by them. These insights are meaningful insights that should be used for concrete actions to optimise and innovate products. Those who know their potential customers, can meet the needs and expectations of consumers. Shampoos with a “free from” rating achieve an approval rate of 65 percent – that’s ten percent more than products in this category on average. The approval rate indicates how satisfied consumers are with the purchased product.

Category Insights for recognizing trends

Person-centred analysis of data makes it possible to perform user-defined segmentation. Why users prefer or decline certain attributes is part of the holistic product satisfaction rating. Also important is the identification of brands that are already successful with the targeted claims in the market. In the “Free from” awards, Nature Box, Lavera and Balea top the top 3 list of popular shampoos. The analysis of Category Insights also helps to identify new trends before they arise. As a result, ingredients can be optimised on the basis of future market trends, and consumers’ expectations can be implemented at an early stage.

Legal regulations for dealing with claims

From the 1stof July 2019, new bans on marketing claims came into force, which were already announced in 2017. The claims must be truthful, lawful, honest and fair. This should ensure transparency and protect the consumer from false promises.

Are you looking for tailor-made insights for conscious consumers for your company?

Then use Oeeda Audience, the largest panel for conscious consumers in German-speaking countries, through which you can reach 3 million users of CodeCheck. As part of a survey, ask the users relevant questions and get meaningful data and valuable insights into the wishes of these demanding and relevant consumers – segmented according to your wishes.
Methodik: In diesem Fall wurde die Interaktion der Benutzer von CodeCheck mit den jeweiligen Produkten mit “Frei von”-Claims analysiert.