Category Reports.

Consumer Analyses for
FMCG Companies
– fast and direct.

Detailed Insights into

the Needs of Conscious Consumers.




With Oeeda Category Reports, FMCG manufacturers gain, for the first time, direct and detailed insights into the needs of the rapidly growing target group of conscious consumers who, for example, prefer healthy, sustainability-oriented, vegan or sugar-reduced lifestyles, want to avoid microplastics or have to eat a lactose- free or gluten-free diet.

Oeeda Category Report – Examples

Understand immediately how your category is developing
– directly and in detail.



Unaided brand and product activity tracking


Receive business-relevant insights to guide new product development


Instant screening of consumers’ reactions to product launches


Survey of specific consumer segments to obtain detailed insights


Trend recognition and behavioral analysis within your category


Receive comprehensive, monthly or quarterly reports and stay ahead 
of the competition

Our Clients

“Oeeda brings relevant consumers to companies, and helps companies to make customer-oriented decisions and develop target group-oriented products.”

Nicole Di Rubbo-RonzaniCosmetics Expert

“The Oeeda audience offers the opportunity to survey a sharp target group in detail and generate comprehensive insight within a short time window. We also value the community as being extremely communicative, especially compared with classic panels.”

Stefan FeldmeierManaging Director of Bonsai Research

“Finally, a way to communicate quickly and directly with customers.”

Dr. Wolf-Dietrich LooseFormer member of the Management Board of the Metro Group

“Oeeda is a disruptive technology that changes the way ad hoc research is conducted in the market research industry. For the first time in the market research industry, there is a simple, contemporary and effective panel to understand conscious consumers' behaviors.”

Alberto AlcanizPartner, Redslim
Find out how consumers view your products.